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Brinjal @ 2

Land Preparation: The field is ploughed to fine tilth by giving four to five ploughing with a sufficient interval between two ploughing. Planking should be done for proper levelling. The field is then divided into beds and channels. Well-decomposed FYM is thoroughly incorporated at the time of land preparation.

Spacing depends upon the type of variety grown and the season of planting. Normally the long fruited varieties are transplanted at 60 x 45 cm, the round varieties at 75 x 60 cm and high yielding varieties at 90 x 90 cm spacing. Seedlings are transplanted in furrows in light soils and on side of the ridges in case of heavy soils. A pre-soaking irrigation is given 3-4 days prior to transplanting. At the time of transplanting, the roots of the seedlings should be dipped in a solution of Bavistin (2g/litre of water). Transplanting should preferably be done in the evening

Post Harvest Technology:

Grading :

The fruits are graded according to their size and colour. The Bureau of Indian Standards has recommended three grades for brinjal, viz., Super, Fancy and Commercial.
Packaging :

Normally the fruits are packed in bamboo baskets and transported to nearby markets.
Storage :

The fruits can be stored for 1-2 days in summer and 3-4 days in winter season provided they are kept in shade under ordinary conditions. In cold storage, the fruits are stored for 7-10 days at a temperature of 7-10°C with 85-95% relative humidity.
Cool Chain :

Cool chain is essential during the transport of export quality commodity all the way from the farm to the customer. This helps in maintaining the temperature inside the box at the same low level as in the cold storage.
The various stages of the cool chain are:

1. Cold store at the farm.

2.  Refrigerated truck from farm to the airport

3.  Cold store at the airport.

4.  Building up of the pallet in a cold store at the airport.

5.  Loading the aircrafts directly from the cold store in a short time.

6.  Cargo aircraft maintains cold store temperature in hold.

7.  Off loading direct into a cold store in the receiving country.

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